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Day: August 24, 2018
Topic:Jonnie Deitz of Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, FL
Time: 1:30 to 3:00 pm
Location: Big Cypress Recreation Center 3110 Hendry Drive, The Villages
Topic: “Pollinators”

Details and Directions


The Circle of Life, by Prairie Moon Nursery from Prairie Moon Nursery on Vimeo.

Prairie Moon is a native plant nusery in Wisconsin. They grow plants for gardening and restoration. You can purchase seeds, bare root and potted plants online plus tools and books. Their web site has helpful information on growing conditions for each plant they sell and seed germination protocols.

Xerces Society "Bring Back the Pollinators" 

Bring Back the Pollinators

Download the Xerces Society Pollinator List for Florida (pdf file)

Sharon's Florida

Sharon's Florida: Web site about central Florida plants and wildlife developed by a Florida native, who has been active with Florida Native Plant Society and Master Gardeners. Lots of good information here.

Join The Villages Florida Native Plant Society (TVFNPS)

We need you. Here's the how and why of joining.

Action Alerts

The Florida legislature action alerts are posted on the FNPS website.


Remember to ask for native plants when visiting any nursery.  Your voice and dollars are making a difference and helping us achieve our Chapter Vision:  “The Villages becomes renowned for its extensive use of native plants and award winning native plant landscapes

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Published on  05.08.2018