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Day: March 23, 2018
Topic:"Craig Huegel: How Roots Work"
Time: 1:30 to 3:00 pm
Location: Big Cypress Recreation Center 3110 Hendry Drive, The Villages
Topic:Florida's Native Plant Movement

Details and Directions


Next Meeting

Our regular 4th Friday meeting and special guest presentation is this week, Mar 23rd Guests are welcome.  We are giving a small native milkweed for all attending FNPS members in good standing.  Guests may join at the meeting or on-line.

Time:  1:30 pm to 3:00 pm.  Arrive early to participate in the native plant drawing and sign up for 3 outings!
Location: Big Cypress Rec Center, 3110 Hendry Drive – Periwinkle Room

Our March Presentation is: How Roots Work by Craig Huegel
Good root structure is more important to a healthy plant than how attractive the foliage appears.  Plants take in water and nutrients, compete for space and even communicate through the roots.  Learn what goes on below the ground with Craig’s informative and entertaining presentation. 

Craig Huegel is a widely recognized environmental consultant and educator who loves plants. Though formally educated as a wildlife biologist, he is an enthusiastic gardener that has studied and worked with plants his entire life. Craig has written five books on Florida native plants and lectures throughout the state on a variety of topics related to plants and wildlife.
Reserve an autographed copy of Craig’s books:

Native Florida Plants for Shady Landscapes
Native Wildflowers and Other Ground Covers for Florida Landscapes
Native Plant Landscaping for Florida Wildlife

To pre-order, send a note to Roger Selch at selchr@gmail.com indicating which book(s) you are interested in.  Collect your book(s) and pay the author directly at the meeting.

Volunteers Needed

Our FNPS chapter will have a booth selling native plants at the Master Garder Sale on March 24, 2018. We need volunteers to run the booth. Pictures from last year's sale.

Judy Mason has the signup sheets for various events at the back of the room during meetings or contact Steve at fnpsthevillages@gmail.com.

March 23, 2018 – after our regular meeting, volunteers are needed to go directly to the Wildwood Community Center on Powel Road to help set up for the Master Gardener Plant Sale on March 24th.  At the FNPS booth, we will be selling a variety of 1-gallon plants.  

March 24, 2018 – volunteers are needed to continue set up and man the FNPS booth at the Master Gardener Plant Sale at the Wildwood Community Center.

Plant sale for Members Only – volunteers are needed at the March 24, 2018 meeting to take orders and collect money from members who want to order plants from Green Isle Gardens.  At the April 27, 2018 meeting, volunteers will be needed before and after the meeting to help those who placed order to pick up their plants.  Since there is a one month gap between order & delivery, there is a chance that your plant won’t be available – then you can decide to take a refund or choose another plant.

These activities serve a dual purpose:
1. Native plants are easy to get
2. Fund raiser for our chapter

Wait to Prune

Reminder to wait until March 15 to prune, after which there is only a 10 percent chance of another freeze.  Why? Pruning stimulates new growth which is highly sensitive to freezing.  In addition, pruning exposes the vascular cambium of the old growth to subsequent freezing temperatures.  Exceptions:  Now is the time to prune trees, citrus, and cut back clump grasses.  You can also remove dead flower stems.

Winter Hits Hard, January 2018

February Meeting

View meeting presentations on spring clean-up and pruning and/or download a pdf of the presentation.

Winter Pruning Tips

Plants Listed According to Cold Hardiness

At the January 2018 meeting, Steve asked members to list thier plants describing their survival after recent freezing temperatures. Four lists were developed and they can be downloaded here. Former TVFNPS Secretary, Jeanne Powell did the work of compiling these lists. 

These lists are results of visual impact to foliage of plants after a temperature of 24 degrees in January, 2018.  Information submitted by members of The Villages Chapter (Zone 9A) of the Florida Native Plant Society.  

Annual Conference

May 17-20, 2018 Don’t miss this year’s FNPS Annual Conference
This year the conference will be held at the Miccosukee Resort in Miami.  See schedule and register at: http://www.fnps.org/conference/2018

Join The Villages Florida Native Plant Society (TVFNPS)

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Action Alerts

The Florida legislature action alerts are posted on the FNPS website.


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Published on  21.03.2018