Attracting Wildlife

Examples in The Villages

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: Read recommendations and Internet links on how to "Create Habitat for Florida’s Native Wildlife."


Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: Species Profiles of Florida's Butterflies

Monarch Watch: Projects and information on preserving monarch butterflies. 
"Monarch butterfly populations are declining due to loss of habitat. To assure a future for monarchs, conservation and restoration of milkweeks needs to become a national prioity." Chip Taylor, Director of Monarch Watch

University of Florida/IFAS: Type the word BUTTERFLIES in the search engine for a wealth of information on creating your own Butterfly Garden.

University of North Carolina: Suggestions for how to attract butterflies to your garden. In the left margin there are links for attracting song birds and humming birds and implementing a native landscape. Search for on "Butterfliles" to locate many more resources. 

Florida Wildflowers and Butterflies, sponsored in part by Florida Museum and Florida Wildflower Foundation, Inc. You may search on a specific wildflower or butterfly, learn the ecosystems where wildflowers will grow and take a photographic visit the Florida Butterfly Garden. There is also a page of excellent references.

Shady Oak Farm: Here you can buy supplies for raising butterflies, plants, caterpillars and chrysalises. Here is what is available for Florida



Florida Bat Conservancy: Problme with a bat? Or maybe you want to attact bats to eat insects in your area.


Cornell Lab of Ornithology: The Best Trees, Vines, And Shrubs To Plant For Birds: A Starter List (Recommendations from Robert Stamp.) These are not particulary trees native to Florida or appropriate for Central Florida. 

Cornell Lab of Ornithology:

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service:

Florida Natural Areas Inventory:

Native Florida:  Your Florida Backyard: Habitat and food information for birds, butterflies and other animals – nest boxes, etc. 


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Published on  30.06.2016