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Juliet Rynear, Conservation Chair of Florida Native Plant Society has developed a You Tube channel highlighting some of the activities of the FNPS.

If you've been planting milkweed for butterflies, you might be interested in "How to Identify Milkweed Species ". Hint: If you go to settings (bottom right) you can play this more slowly. Did you know the FNPS is keeping a database of the locations for milkweed in Florida?

Other topics: Prescription Fire at Oakland Nature Preserve, 2017 Award of Honor (Georgette's House), 2017 Award of Merit, Endangered Scrub Community Rescue, The Warea Tract of Seminole State Forest, Florida Milkweeds, Monarchs and Milkweeds Talk Part 3: CitizenScience, Florida Kissimmee Prairie Wildflower Walk, Monarchs and Milkweeds Part 2: Monarch Biology and Ecology, Monarchs and Milkweeds Part 1: Conservation and YOU, 2016 Landscape Restoration Award for Long Bayou Nature Reserve, 2016 Native Landscape Award for Excellence (Steve's House), Introduction to Florida Native Plant Society

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Facebook: @FLnativeplants

Twitter: @fl_native_plant  (hopefully they increase the character limit for user names soon)

Instagram: @fl_native_plants


Explore the FNPS Blog. You never know what you will find. Here's something for photographers.

Wildflower Portraits: 10 Tips for Taking Great Close-up Images of Native Plants



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Published on  04.03.2018

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