June 26, 2015 Meeting

We are thrilled to present Dr. Walter Kingsley Taylor as our guest speaker for the Friday June 26 meeting at 1:30 pm Big Cypress Recreation Center. Dr. Taylor is Professor Emeritus of the University of Central Florida where he taught for 35 years. He is also a distinguished author

PRE-ORDER Dr. Taylor’s books for pick up at our meeting on June 26.  Contact Kathy Porter by email kathymporter@comcast.net or phone 352-259-8196If cannot attend the meeting, Kathy will be happy to take your payment and arrange for you to pick up your book at a later date.

1. The Field Guide to Florida Wildflowers $25.00 (Taylor Publ. Co.)

2. A Guide to Florida Grasses $40.00 University Press of Florida)

3. Florida Wildflowers: A Comprehensive Guide $25.00  (University Press of Florida) 

Deadline for pre-orders is Friday, July 19.

Payment will be made on the day of  the meeting by cash or check made payable to “Walter Kingsley Taylor.” No credit cards.

Published on  28.06.2015