Rodge Selch's droneVillagers Who Have Converted to Native Plants

Why Grow Natives?


Carl & Jerry Taylor
Julie Wheeler & Joe Buckovic
Kim & Molly
Martin & Ni Prada



Daryle & Patti Dianis Myrna Farquhar
Susan Dickson Georgette Gerry
John Ressler & Diane Clemmons Ken and Gail Hawes
Rodge Selch Will and Linda Hunt
Mary Wolf Al and Joan Lippman
  Dan and Judy Ross
  Carol Spears
  Steve and Susan Turnipseed
  Judith Waidelich
  MJ Walsh

Drone Images

Sky view images are provided by Al and Joan Lipman and Rodge Selch.

Rodge Selch

Rodge Selch


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Published on  11.03.2018