Plant and They Will Come

From Carol Spears, Chapter Rep

Look who showed up at 1:30 today—a baby gopher tortoise. My neighbor to the east came over and range my doorbell to tell me there was a something cool between our yards. If you visited Carol on the Landscape Tour you probably got a look at where this little guy calls home.

Baby Gopher Tortoise

Florida's Only Native Anole (Anolis carolinensis)

"It's not a chameleon but it can change color. It is not a result of trying to match it's background color, "rather body temperature, stress and activity. Green reflects activity and bright light, whereas brown reflects reduced activity in moist, dark cool conditions." A decrease in the green anole has been documented. Has it been threatened by the non-native from Cuba, the brown anole? 

Plant Natives and Native Wildlife Will Come

I know we tend to think of our native plants providing food for butterflies and bees and birds, but I have attached a short video clip (not up yet) of my native purple passion flower “jungle” providing habitat for Florida’s only native anole, the green anole. The green anole is relatively rare because it has been out-competed by the non-native cuban anole (the brown one with the stripes that are everywhere here!). This video clip shows a hunting adult, I have short video clips of baby green anoles in the passionflower also, which is encouraging as I have seen multiple generations all summer. CJS

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>Immature Green Anole Adult Green Anole

Caterpillars and Butterflies

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  • Poop

  • Passiflora incarnata (Purple passionflower)

Butterflies in Your Yard?

Monarch Butterfly

How often do you see a butterfly in your yard? It is important what you plant! Read Steve's article that appeared in the Daily Sun - "It Matters What You Plant". This includes plant recommendations for Central Florida.


Joan and Al had Purple Martins as soon as the put up a home for them.

Beneficial Bats: More from Al and Joan



Published on  05.10.2017