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In the Garden by Jaret C. Daniels "Select the Right Milkweed for Your Butterfly Garden" from the Daily Sun

Caterpillar of the Monarch Butterfly

Caption: "Many gardeners plant milweed in their landscapes to help provide needed foor for the hungry monarch larvae."

The three native milkweeds that are recommended for homeowner landscapes in Central FL are Asclepias incarnata, A. perennis, and A. tuberosa.

Here is a brief summary of the article:

In the spring, monarch butterflies leave their winter sites and fly north. In order to propigate they need to lay eggs on specific larvel host plants. In Florida there are also a small resident group of monarchs.

The author explains why tropical milkweed (Asclepias curassavica), the most widely available commercial species, may not be the best plant to use in our area.

He recommends "going native" and planting some of the 21 varieties of Florida native milkweeds - Asclepia incarnata, aquatic or white swamp milkweed (A. perennis) and butterflyweed (A. tuberrosa). All are beautiful plants which thrive in our area.

August 2015 Exterior Spaces had the hard to find the native orange A. tuberosa in addition to the pink milkweed A. incarnata.

If you pair your milkweed with other flowering plants you will have your own oasis for monarch butterflies.

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Published on  06.11.2017