2020 Activities

Facebook FNPS The Villages

August Linda Hunt is managing our new Facebook page, FNPS The Villages.

Response to COVID19

The Villages responded rapidly to "social distancing" and never missed a meeting date. We were one of the first chapters to have online meetings. From the beginning, we held our board meetings over Zoom, thanks to our knowledgeable secretary, Jo.

Parking Lot Plant Sale

Due to "social distancing" and the spread of COVID19, large group gatherings were canceled. Our members were able to order plants from Green Isle Gardens online. Our chapter facilitated the delivery and distribution of these orders in the parking lot of Big Cypress Recreation Center. 

Blog: In Jo's Yard

Jo continues to write about her garden on a regular basis. She shares pictures and information about her plants and wildlife.


2020 Officers and Volunteers

President: Nini Conner
VP Programs: Jean Vasicek
Secretary: Joannene Hudak
Treasurer: Susan Hamilton
Asst. Treasurer: Marcia Gould
Chapter Rep: Gary Babic
Membership Coordinator: Myrna Farquhar
Speaker Coordinator: Julie Wheeler
VP Field Trips: Pam Powell

Web: Barbara Wertz 

Membership Outreach:  Marcia Wolfe
Pine Straw Sale: Roger Selch
Spring and Fall Garden Tour: Sue Egloff
Spring Green Isle Plant Sale: Linda Bishop

Steve Turnipseed Retires 

After creating our chapter and leading us for four years, Steve is retiring as President of TVFNPS. He assures us that he is not leaving The Villages and will continue to be an active member. Steve handled so many important aspects of our activities that we had to break his job down into many, many sections and recruit volunteers to try to fill his shoes. 

The chapter honored Steve with a sign on the native plant display at Lake Griffth State Park. Steve established our role in maintaining this display for the park. 

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