2017 Lake Griffin Workday

Lake Griffin State Park Work Day

Despite overcast skies and threat of rain later today, our chapter turned out 11 members to  plant and mulch the highly visible median at the entrance to the park.  At total of 54 new plants were installed (list below) plus a dozen existing plants were relocated.

TVFNPS Lake Griffin Workday

Veronica Cates, Marcia Gould, Susan Hamilton*, Linda Hunt, William Hunt, Dan Lapp, Judy Mason, Karen McKoon, Dan Smith, Steve Turnipseed, Philip Zumanis

Fort-eight bales of pine straw mulch were spread.  The park provided a hose and I donated a watering wand;  all of the plants received a deep soaking.  Susan Hamilton has graciously volunteered to hand water the new plants 2 to 3 times per week until establishment.

The park manager, Rachel Nunlist came out to thank us and take a group photo.  The other park staff all commented on the amazing visual impact the change created and looked forward to seeing the area when the plants mature.

Our chapter spent $518.89 on the project, within the approved budget - Plants $314.05, Pine Straw  $192.00, Marker Flags  $12.84


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