Butterfly Garden

Even before January 2015, The Villages Butterfly Club and the Lady Lake Seventh-Day Adventist Church began planning a butterfly garden on over a half acre of the church's property. The project is still in progress. Fred Funk designed the garden, propagated many of the plants and worked almost daily on the garden.  He was/is, the man with the vision and a heart for butterflies and flowers according to Judy Smith.

PS  A favorite expression of Fred's that has often been included in our newsletter is: "Butterflies. You can't touch them, but they will touch your heart."

Directions to the Butterfly Garden: Take Route 466 East, cross 441/27 to Lemon St, go one block to the stop sign and take a left turn.  The Seventh Day Adventist Church is on the right hand side, 1/4 mile from the stop sign.

Here are two videos by Al and Joan. Al takes the pictures and Joan does the hard work of editing. The first video was taken after the planting but before the butterflies came.

The second video is a tour of the garden in bloom with butterflies in all stages of development. The garden is open to the public and is located on Lake Griffin Road at the Lady Lake Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Many of the plants are labeled. They are almost all Florida Friendly with many natives in bloom.

June 19, 2018

August 13, 2017 Video

July 17, 2015 Video

May 27, 2015 Video


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