February 27, 2015 Meeting


Arrive up to 30 minutes early to purchase native wildflower seeds and raffle tickets for native plants and pick up the newest copy of the Guide for Real Florida Gardeners and list of recommended native plants for landscapes, also sign up for workshops and field trips.  We will be accepting FNPS membership forms and annual dues at the meeting or you can join on-line at www.fnps.org (The Villages is now listed on the chapter selection.)

Chapter Vision and Goals – Steve Turnipseed – 5 minutes
Officers Reports – 15 minutes
Treasurer – MJ Walsh
Secretary – Jeanie Powell
VP Programs – Kathy Porter
VP Field Trips – Georgette Gerry
Chapter Rep – Susan Turnipseed
Plant of the Month & Natives in Bloom – Susan Turnipseed – 5 minutes
Membership officer needed to maintain member/distribution list – 5 minutes


Conversion of a Turf Grass Lawn into a Native Plant Landscape – 45 minutes

Steve and Susan Turnipseed will show how they converted their turf grass lawn inside The Villages into a Florida-Friendly Landscape using native plants.  All modifications were made with approval of the Architectural Review Committee, including removal of 5,000 square feet of grass.  The changes resulted in a dramatic reduction in irrigation water usage, an increase in pollinators, and a dramatic visual transformation.

Drawing for native plants

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