June 26, 2015 Meeting

We are thrilled to present Dr. Walter Kingsley Taylor as our guest speaker for the Friday June 26 meeting at 1:30 pm Big Cypress Recreation Center. Dr. Taylor is Professor Emeritus of the University of Central Florida where he taught for 35 years. He is also a distinguished author

PRE-ORDER Dr. Taylor’s books for pick up at our meeting on June 26.  Contact Kathy Porter by email kathymporter@comcast.net or phone 352-259-8196If cannot attend the meeting, Kathy will be happy to take your payment and arrange for you to pick up your book at a later date.

1. The Field Guide to Florida Wildflowers $25.00 (Taylor Publ. Co.)

2. A Guide to Florida Grasses $40.00 University Press of Florida)

3. Florida Wildflowers: A Comprehensive Guide $25.00  (University Press of Florida) 

Deadline for pre-orders is Friday, July 19.

Payment will be made on the day of  the meeting by cash or check made payable to “Walter Kingsley Taylor.” No credit cards.

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