April 24, 2015 Meeting


Arrive up to 30 minutes early for native plant chance drawing. Also sign up for field trips. We welcome guests to come and see what our local society chapter is doing. FNPS membership forms and dues are accepted at the meeting or you can join online at www.fnps.org

  1. Welcome and chapter highlights – Steve Turnipseed - 10 minutes
  2. Comments from FNPS state president – Anne Cox – 10 minutes
  3. Presentation: The 3Ps of Landscape Design – Gail Hansen-Univ of FL - 60 minutes
  4. Drawing for native plants

Keynote Speaker Presentation Outline

"Want to convert your lawn into a native plant landscape, but need some ideas on how to start? This month’s featured speaker, Gail Hansen, MS, MLA, PhD, associate professor at the University of Florida, Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology will provide “The 3P's of Landscape Design, People, Plants and Plans.” 

Upcoming May Meeting Presentation

May 22th regular 4th Friday monthly meeting presentation will be by noted author and speaker, Craig Huegel. Title of his presentation will be, “Planting with a Purpose”. Plants selected for our landscapes should do more than look good, grow well, and do no harm, they should contribute to our local natural ecology. Hawthorne Hills Native Wildflower and Rare Plant Nursery

2015 Workshops and Field Trips

Note: All workshops and field trips are limited to paid FNPS members; Seats are limited; Sign-up sheets will be at our regular meeting.

Workshop: Conversion of Turfgrass Lawns into Florida-Friendly Landscapes using Native Plants – This is a 3-session workshop with priority given to those who are planning to make significant landscape modifications; (Dates for next workshop TBA)

Upcoming Field Trips

  • Native Plant Nursery – Biosphere in Winter Garden – May 19
  • Native Plant Nursery – Creative Garden Structures – May 26
  • Half Moon Wildlife Management Area - Wildflower walk with Nancy Dwyer – October (TBA)

Web page

Thanks to the efforts of Barbara Wertz, our chapter now has a web page.http://thevillages.fnpschapters.org/

Update on 2015 Chapter Goals

Membership: Paid memberships 75 (target of 100 by year end)

Residential Native Landscapes: 11 landscapes are currently in the Design Phase; 1 side yard has been converted to frog fruit. 1 front yard converted. (goal 10 conversions by year end)

Education – Completed 1 workshop with 15 attending, 3 field trips with over 30 attending, and 2 monthly presentations (Goal: Ten regular monthly presentations; Two “how to” workshops; Six field trips)

Visibility: Native Plants and-or FNPS have been spotlighted 4 times in The Daily Sun and 2 times in Villages-News.com. Also mention of native plants in POA newsletter and 1 plant was highlighted in the Daily Sun Home & Garden Column (Goal of 6)

Supply: Following face-to-face meetings, two local nurseries have added a significant number of native plants to their inventory. (our chapter goal is to have 5 nurseries that carry and feature native plants and 3 that perform native plant landscape designs and installs).

You can download a Short List of Native Plants recommended for this area.

Exterior Spaces Garden Center on Hwy 301 across from Sherwin Williams has dedicated a feature area to natives and joined the Florida Association of Native Nurseries. They now have a nice selection of native plants that do well in our area. They also plan to host a Saturday presentation on native plants (date TBA). Exterior Spaces also performs design and installs.

Fernview Farm has just received a limited order of native plants and will run an advertisement with sale prices. They have expressed an interest in joining FANN. Fernview can perform rough sketches, perform installs and provide maintenance.

14978 S Us Highway 301
Summerfield, Florida
(352) 245-7905

These two businesses join our three local native plant suppliers:

  • Creative Garden Structures
  • Shady Oaks Gather All
  • Green Isle Gardens

The following local nurseries have our recommended short list of native plants and have said that they can perform design and installs:

Earthscapes Terrascapes

The following nursery is capable of performing native installs when given a design from which to work.

R&K Farms

Please support these local businesses. Ask for native plants when visiting any nursery. Your voice and dollars are making a difference and helping us achieve our Chapter Vision: “The Villages becomes renowned for its extensive use of native plants and award winning native plant landscapes”

Special Update on Buffer Zone Planting for Pond Banks

Independent of, but in full alignment with our advocacy efforts, Beemans Nursery, the current contractor that maintains the floating plant mats on some of the ponds has submitted an unsolicited quotation to the golf course maintenance company, Ace golf, in The Villages to plant a native buffer zone on the golf course pond banks. Even if only a few test ponds were planted, this would be a major milestone.

Hope to see you at the meeting on Friday.

Steve Turnipseed,
President - FNPS The Villages Chapter

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