Native Plant Related Organizations

Florida Native Plant Society Select "Native Plants" to view plants native to your area, information about specific plant communities and links to where you can buy the plant. http://www.fnps.org/natives/natives

Atlas of Florida Plants pictures and maps - Florida has over 4,700 species of native or naturalized plants in Florida, including over 4,300 species of vascular plants and over 400 species of bryophytes (plants known only from cultivation are not included). The Atlas of Florida Plants is a joint effort by the Institute for Systematic Botany, the University of South Florida, and the USF Water Institute to provide a comprehensive searchable database of plants in the state of Florida. 

Association of Florida Native Nurseries Member Nurseries publish a list of the plants they have for sale with links to their web site and a map showing their location. You can also search for a plant and find which nurseries sell the plant with links to pictures and plant atlas data.

University of Florida/IFAS (www.wec.ufl.edu/extension/landscaping/)

University of Florida/IFAS (edis.ifas.ufl.edu), type keywords, e.g., "native plants wildlife", in the search engine

Florida Wildflower Foundation (flawildflowers.org/)

Lake County (www.lakecountyfl.gov/departments/public_resources/parks/park_resource_center.aspx)

North Carolina State University (http://www.ncsu.edu/goingnative/)

Plant Real Florida (www.plantrealflorida.org/)

St John's River Water Management District This searchable plant database is designed to help you to determine which plants are most appropriate for your landscape given the natural growing conditions found in your yard. The plant details will help you select the optimal location for the plant where it would need minimal irrigation to thrive. In the box below, choose the options that suit your needs and a list will be provided with plants that meet your criteria. 



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