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May 28, 2021

Growing the Market for Florida Native Plants

Timothee Sallin

Timothee Sallin talked about OUTSIDE, a sustainable landscape collaborative.


Goals include:

  1. Promote a statewide collaboration around sustainable landscape practices.
  2. Increase nursery supply of Floria native and Florida resilient plants.
  3. Grow industry competencies in sustainable landscape maintenance.
  4. Support local governments to evaluate landscape codes for effectiveness.
  5. Collaborate with state agencies to encourage green infrastructure projects.
  6. Quantify economic impacts and ecosystems services.
  7. Partner with development community to implement sustainable landscapes holistically.
  8. Work with existing developments and HOA's to retrofit sustainable landscapes holistically.
  9. Develop a holistic sustainable approach to the landscape transaction from design to implementation to maintenance.
  10. Educate communities to expand perceptions of what landscapes can provide.

Timothee Sallin is Co-CEO of IMG Enterprises.  A diversified, family owned Florida agri-business with operations in citrus, environmental horticulture, ecosystem restoration and landscape. Timothee is passionate about promoting sustainable agricultural and landscape practices as well as  innovation in technology and organizational leadership.

Timothee is a board member of 1000 Friends of Florida, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving special places and building better communities. A graduate from New College of the University of South Florida, Timothee earned a degree in Economics and International Studies. Timothee is also a graduate from the University of Florida’s Wedgworth Leadership Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources.  

IMG Enterprises believes that through our sustainable connection to the environment we can transform the world exponentially. 

April 23, 2021

Plant Fluorescence: Discover the Glowing World that Surrounds Us

Courtney Whitcher received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan in 2018 and is now a second-year Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Ph.D. student at Florida State University.

She is broadly interested in the evolution of visual and auditory signals in anuran communication and sexual selection. Her current project examines the evolution of biofluorescence in frogs.

She has also created a citizen science project and educational resource related to her Ph.D. research called Finding Fluorescence (https://findingfluorescence.wixsite.com/home).
Her talk will cover her study of the glowing world that surrounds us and how you can illuminate the unseen in your own backyard.

March 26, 2021

Message from President Sue

For those who tried to access our 26 March 2021 FNPS meeting at 1:30 PM, we were having technical difficulties.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Stacey Matrazzo has graciously offered to reschedule her presentation "Native Plants for Florida Gardens” at a later date.  We will keep you posted as to when her presentation is scheduled.

February 26, 2021

Florida Manatees, Brittany Scharf, Hernando County Extension  Agent

Zoom Meeting

Florida manatee (present in Kings Bay and Crystal River NWR year-round, but highest aggregation November – March = approx. 600 manatees vs. summer months = approx. 30 manatees).

US Fish & Wildlife

January 22, 2021

Native Plants and Florida Friendly Principles
Jackie Rolly

She is the Restoration Chair at Oakland Nature Preserve and a Lead Master Naturalist Instructor.  

Jackie Rolly has been a member of the Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS), Tarflower Chapter since 1997. She retired from government service in 2006 and served as FNPS vice president of admin from late 2009 to 2014. Jackie also served as secretary for the Tarflower Chapter from May 2007 to May 2015. Her work over the past ten years in ecosystem restoration at the Oakland Nature Preserve continues to provide knowledge on native plant communities and the wildlife that depends on them. Jackie is a certified Florida Master Naturalist from the University of Florida (UF/IFAS) and is lead instructor in Orange County. She was recently awarded the Florida Wilderness Society Citizen Conservation Award and was recognized by Sierra Club of Central Florida for environmental leadership.

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