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Butterflies in Your Yard?

Monarch Butterfly

How often do you see a butterfly in your yard? It is important what you plant! Read Steve's article that appeared in the Daily Sun - "It Matters What You Plant". This includes plant recommendations for Central Florida.

Steve and Lloyd Singleton speak at VBF Gardens Meeting "Attracting Butterflies"

Steps in Creating a Butterfly Garden: Advice from Lloyd Singleton, Sumter County Extension Agent.

Tropical Milkweed - Good or Harmful? Asclepias curassavica, it's easy to grow, it's easy to buy, but is it harming Monarchs?

In the Garden by Jaret C. Daniels  "Select the Right Milkweed for Your Butterfly Garden" from the Daily Sun

Al and Joan: What do Florida native plants bring to our yard besides happiness?

More information about landscaping for butterflies is on our Resource Links. Pay special attention to the informative VBF Gardens, The Villages Butterfly and Garden Club web.

Learn About Butterflies

U. S. Forest Service Monarch Butterfly Resource

Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly (In The Villages!) from Al and Joan


The Ecological Landscape Blog's article "For the Love of Moths" provides lots of reasons for including moths in your landscape plans.

sheep moth (Hemileuca eglanterina)

Learn about National Moth Week in July.

Xerces Society: Gardening for Moths

Butterfly Gardens to Visit

Visit our Resource links for Butterfly Gardens


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