Florida Native Plant Society Annual Conference 

A month-long exploration of Florida’s native plants - Preview


  • Game Night, Friday, April 28
  • Online speakers, Saturday and Sunday, April 29 and 30
  • Field Trips and Opportunities to Network and Socialize
    Naples May 6-7th
    Tallahassee May 13-14th
    Sanford May 19-21st



Lake Louisa Field Trip April 5

The New Yard Pattern Book

Handbook to provide guidelines for sustainable residential development. This book has emerged from the recent OUTSIDE Conference on sustainable landscapes. Download your free copy

Fall out of Love with your Lawn

Lawns are bad for you, your pets and the planet. It’s time to move on to greener pastures.

Volunteers Needed

Ways you can Help.

Copy this email and please volunteer.

Research into Native Plants

Nevada Passes Law to Ban Useless Grass

A Sign of Things to Come?

A new Nevada law will outlaw about 31% of the grass in the Las Vegas area in an effort to conserve water amid a drought that's drying up the region's primary water source: the Colorado River.


What is a Pollinator?

Florida Museum, Daniels Lab, presents Museum in the Parks, Learn About Pollinators

Plants for Pollinators

Craig Heugel talks to Tarflower chapter of FNPS about "Florida's Abundant Asters". Asters are fantastic foundation flowers for pollinators in central Florida. They usually produce many flowers over a long period of time. 


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Florida Native Plant Landscape Design

The FNPS, Lunch and Learn, presents a weekly speaker on native plants. Many are members only. Some are available to all and they are linked to our YouTube Playlists. There is a very good three-part series on "Native Plant Design" that is linked to our YouTube channel. 

Why Grow Native Plants?

What's wrong with the plants the builder gave you? Do local landscapers support Florida ecology? Check out this presentation from the Florida Wildflower Association. The presenter, Doug Tallamy is a well-known entomologist. He has written two best-selling, award-winning non-fiction books - Bringing Nature Home and Nature's Best Refuge.

Watch the Webinar

More Why Grow Native Plants?

Want to Know More About Sumter County?

Sumter County Extension YouTube
This YouTube channel has presentations about local wildlife and Florida Living from Jim Davis, our extension agent. 

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