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Position Open in 2021

Vice President: This person assists the president and learns the duties so they can take over the next year. We need continuity to achieve our goals.

You could assist one or more of these people. Contact the person involved through our contact form.


President: Sue Egloff
The president sets the agenda and conducts board meetings. This person sets our goals and helps us to achieve them. The president is our leader.

Vice President: Vacant
Assist the president and learns the duties so they can take over the next year. We need continuity to achieve our goals.

Secretary: Nancy Kavanaugh
The secretary attends board and chapter meetings and takes minutes. Send minutes to the executive committee for approval and distribute approved copies. 

Treasurer: Susan Hamilton
Maintain financial reports with copies to the secretary for inclusion in the minutes. Be the custodian of all monies for the CHAPTER.

Chapter Rep: Gary Babic
Attends monthly state meetings and report to Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Attends meetings and assists officers to set and achieve goals for our chapter. The president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and chapter rep are automatic members of the Executive Committee.

Volunteer Positions

Facebook: Linda Hunt
Monitor our web page for appropriate content, regularly post TVFNPS Events and accept new users.

Field Trips: Pam Powell
Arrange monthly visits to places of interest to our members.

Field Trips: Julie Wheeler
Speak at meetings about upcoming trips and provide a sign-up sheet.

Speaker Coordinator: Nini Conner
Arrange monthly speakers for our meetings, introduce speaker and provide speaker information to web and newspaper person.

Assistant Treasurer: Marcia Gould

Membership Coordinator: Linda Neff
Manage mailing list on spreadsheet and in Mailchimp. Provide name tags.

Membership Outreach, Newspaper: Marcia Wolfe
Contact newspaper and rec guide with information on upcoming meetings and events.

Green Isle Plant Pickup: Linda Bishop
Visit Green Isle before monthly meetings and pickup plants for plant raffle.

Pine Straw Sale: Jo Hudak
Organize yearly Pine Straw Sale. Contact pine straw company, advertise event, arrange distribution and payment.

Spring Garden Tour: Steve Turnipseed
Organize visits to homes using native plants.

Lake Griffin State Park Entrance: Steve Turnipseed
Once a year, organize a work event to refresh native plants and spread pine straw in the entrance median.  Coordinate on a monthly maintenance schedule.

Web: Barbara Wertz
Post events and other information to chapter web.

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