Trees Communicate

Finding the Mother Tree by Suzanne SemardDid you notice that is a statement, not a question? Not only do trees communicate but they cooperate and look out for each other. This forester started her research to help improve logging practices. She found some very interesting information about trees. I wonder if other plants communicate in similar ways?

It definitely pays to take care of your soil. Sorry I have not found this book in a local library.

Suzanne Simard's Website

Planting in a Post-Wild World: Designing Plant Communities for Resilient Landscapes

The author was the keynote speaker at the 2022 OUTSIDE COLLABORATIVE. Some members of The Villages FNPS chapter are reading this together.

Gardening and Florida Native Plant Books

The Florida Native Plant Society maintains an extensive list of books about native plants. FNPS is covered by Amazon Smile. If you click on a link from their website, FNPS receives a supporting donation. Where appropriate the links on the page connect to the FNPS Amazon Smile purchase option. The following list and the FNPS list are not exactly the same.

The Zen of Florida Gardening by Lucy Tobias
This author recently contacted us about her book which contains a section of The Villages.

Bringing Nature Home Douglas W. Tallamy Native gardening and biodiversity matter. Learn about alien plants and the problems they bring. Is the home gardener the answer? Recommended by EVERYONE!

Books by Doug Tallamy - Check Amazon

Recommended by guest speaker Robert Stamp.

Florida Books by Ginny Stibolt

Florida Plant Books by Craig Huegel

Noah’s Garden: Restoring The Ecology of Our Own Back Yards. 1993. Sara Stein. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, New York, NY. Also by Sara Stein My Weeds, A Gardener's Botany, and the follow-up to Noah's Garden, Planting Noah's Garden.

"Published to rave reviews in 1993, Noah's Garden shows us how our landscape style of neat yards and gardens has devastated suburban ecology, wiping out entire communities of plants and animals by stripping bare their habitats and destroying their food supplies. When Stein realized what her intensive efforts at making a traditional garden had done, she set out to "ungarden." Her book interweaves an account of her efforts with an explanation of the ecology of gardens. Noah's Garden has become the bible of the new environmental gardening movement, and the author is one of its most popular" spokespersons.

Plant information specific to Florida

Books written by speaker Dr. Walter Kingsley Taylor

Recommended by speaker Gail Hansen

The New Low-Maintenance Garden: How to Have a Beautiful, Productive Garden and the Time to Enjoy It By Valerie Easton Photographs by Jacqueline Koch Timber Press
Available on unlimited Kindle, Lake County Library You Tube Trailer

Beautiful No-Mow Yards: 50 Amazing Lawn Alternatives, Mar 6, 2012 by Evelyn J. Hadden
The book is available from Sumter County LIbrary

Lawn Gone! by Pam Penick

Recommended by Florida Wildlife Foundation

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