Wildlife in The Villages

Wildlife you can attract to your yard by planting Florida natives.


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Want Fireflies?

The New York Times reports "Bill and Mary-Ellen McDonald host firefly viewing parties, hoping to inspire their neighbors to stop using pesticides and consider rewilding their lawns." Why have the fireflies disappeared? Experts say that one problem is that firefly mating signals are disrupted by the decorative night lighting of landscapes. The unnecessary and ubiquitous use of pesticides kills millions of fireflies. Fight habitat loss, which is a major cause of bird and insect decline. Convert ten feet of lawn habitat loss into habitat gain and plant Florida native plants. 

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There Goes an Anole!  Do you know the Florida native? How to recognize an anole from other similar creatures.


Joan and Al had Purple Martins as soon as they put up a home for them.

Beneficial Bats: More from Al and Joan


Gopher Tortoise

From Carol Spears, Chapter Rep: Look who showed up at 1:30 today—a baby gopher tortoise. My neighbor to the east came over and rang my doorbell to tell me there was something cool between our yards. If you visited Carol on the Landscape Tour you probably got a look at where this little guy calls home.

Baby Gopher Tortoise


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