How to Create a Florida-Friendly Landscape with Native Plants


This workshop is no longer available. 

This workshop will take participants through each of the steps in creating a native plant landscape plan that is attractive, can be approved by the Architectural Review Committee, reduces water and chemical use, and brings the yard to life.  We will apply the principles from the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ program and review dozens of True-Florida Native plants that are appropriate for use in residential landscapes.  No prior experience is needed, only the willingness to apply what is learned between sessions and submitting images before and after implementing any changes.

Length of workshop: 3 sessions (Oct 9th 1:00 pm, 16th 2:00 pm, and 30th 9:00 AM) 2015
One 90-minute classroom session per week for 3 weeks (an optional 4th session will be a tour to see native plants in a home landscape)

Class Size: The workshop is limited to 15 people.
Cost:  $5 for paid FNPS members (membership single $35, couple $50)
Location: Big Cypress Recreation Center

Workshop Outline

Prerequisites:  The workshop is for FNPS members who are residents of The Villages that are ready to create a native plant landscape in their residential yard.

Objective:  Upon successful completion of the workshop and follow-up assignments, participants should have a complete plan which will allow implementation of changes to their landscape.

The participants will:

  • Make a list of appropriate native plants which they want to install
  • Create a rough sketch of their desired landscape
  • Fill out an Architectural Review Committee application

Note: While this workshop does not include any strenuous physical exertion, landscaping can be hard work.  Participants should arrange for assistance if they are not able to perform any tasks, or do not feel comfortable doing so.


  • The 9 principles of Florida Friendly Landscaping
  • Basic landscape design
  • Selection of appropriate native plants
  • Basic drip and micro-spray irrigation Steps to execute changes
  • Required Assignments
  • Take pictures of their landscape today
  • Select some images of generic landscapes with features which you like


  • Fill out an ARC application change form
  • Create a sketch of their future landscape with changes that implement Florida-Friendly-LandscapeTM principles using native plants
  • Optional: Obtain quotes for any work requiring contract assistance
  • Optional assignments for future implementation (may require contractor assistance):
  • Convert a zone(s) to drip / micro-spray irrigation for bedding plants*
  • Implement changes to their landscape that reduces the total turf grass area and expands mulched beds with Florida-Friendly native plants*
  • Submit images of new landscape

Note: If you are not physically able to perform the tasks, or feel uncomfortable doing so, please get assistance.  Warning: In-ground valve boxes can be home to stinking and biting wildlife.

Steve TurnipseedInstructor: Steve Turnipseed


A Chemical Engineer by degree, Steve Turnipseed is retired from a 32-year career with Chevron where he held assignments in Mississippi, Texas, California, Indonesia and Nigeria.   Steve is a certified Master Gardener, Florida Water Star trained and inaugural president of FNPS – The Villages Chapter.  Prior plant experience includes conversion of a landscape in two homes, a restoration project in Indonesia and coaching residents with their work.


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