Lucy Tobias

The Zen of Florida Gardening

The Zen of Florida GardeningLucy Tobias is a former reporter for the New York Times Regional Group. She is the author of a number of books including three Florida gardening books.

The most recent is The Zen of Florida Gardening, published by Sea Aster Press in 2020.
The book is divided into three sections - People, Places and Projects.

Under Projects is a chapter called "Going Native in a Deeded Community" about three homes in the Villages that transformed their landscaping.

The Zen of Florida Gardening won first place at the Florida Outdoor Writers Association Excellence in Craft Awards on August 22, 2021.

Here is a book blurb: 

Are joy and serenity sprouting with the weeds and seeds of your garden? Relax into a new book entitled The ZEN of Florida Gardening, where unexpected moments of beauty and personal transformation blossom. Dig in the dirt with award-winning author Lucy Tobias - learn the delights of composting and the truth that it all begins in the soil. Bring butterflies, birds and bees into a temple of green. Save rainwater. Or ditch the soil and go hydroponic, the wave of the future. Read stories of gardeners who find digging in their gardens and going native to be life-changing. All this and more found in The ZEN of Florida Gardening.

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