Nini Conner

President, The Villages Florida Native Plant Society, 2020

Nini ConnorNini Conner has been teaching her entire career.

Sometimes it was art. Sometimes it was microchip or graphic design.

These days, it’s plants.

The thing is, when she started out, she didn’t particularly want to stay a teacher.

“It’s funny, because my husband is a wonderful teacher, and he loved teaching,” Conner said. “I was an accidental teacher.”

When Conner went to college for the first time, she majored in art. She turned that degree into a career teaching at private schools, where her students ranged from the first to the 12th grade.

“Sometimes I planned things for the first graders and then the older children would like it,” she said. “It was difficult at first.”

The full story appeared the Daily Sun.

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