The Florida Wildflower Foundation: See pictures and locations for what is currently in bloom. This resource has videos and dowloads to help you grow your own native flowers. Of particular interest is the information shared from the Xerces Society concerning uence monarch butterfly populations. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is currently conducting a status review of one of our favorite butterflies, the monarch, to be included on the endangered species list. Milkweed is the larval host for Monarchs. Grow milkweed! Florida hosts 21 native species of Asclepias, two of which are endemic.

Photo: Pinewoods milkweed (Asclepias humistrata) Photo by Eleanor Dietrich

Flower Friday: Sign up for a weekly email or browse this Florida Wildflower Foudation's blog for excellent wildflower information.

The Florida Wildflower Grower Cooperative provide seed and growing information. 

Native Florida Wildflowers: This is a blog that celebrates the beauty and diversity of Florida's wildflowers - with a bit of a focus on growing these plants in a home landscape. Author: Craig Huegel

Tick-tock ... time to plant your wildflower seeds!

The Florida Wildflower Foundation's E-news (Winter, 2015) on Wildflowers contains helpful articles and downloads on planting native wildflowers. You can sign up for the E-news, free on their website

The planting page has information on "10 Easy Wildflowers" to grow plus a link to "12 Steps to Establishing a Bed from Seed" "plus much more.


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